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Whatever you would like to call the Yeti Coolers as in ice box, ice cooler, marine cooler, boat cooler, marine ice chest, igloo, beer cooler, or chilly bin, Yeti Coolers specializes in manufacturing the best ice chests available! Whether you maybe hunting, the Yeti cooler will be able to withstand any abuse, even with ATV’s. If you decide to go fishing, the Yeti Tundra will be able to fight the powerful sun rays and keep the degree temperature at subzero! While you’re camping, the Yeti ice chest is the most reliable cooler for your food and is also bear proof! If you are rafting or on a boat, a Yeti coolers that are for sale are waterproof. If you are tailgating at the big game or having a barbeque at the house, Laye’s Tire Service in Avon Park, Florida has a large cooler range of heavy duty, well insulated, rugged coolers for your outdoor ice retention needs.

Why Buy Yeti Coolers, They are Environment Proof!

Yeti Coolers are built for abuse! Most ice coolers are “disposable” Yeti Ice Coolers are made to last! No other cooler is as durable As a Yeti cooler. A Yeti cooler also comes with a 5 year warranty. Thick insulated walls in Yeti ice chests beat any cheap cooler! No other cooler keeps ice longer than a Yeti. That is why they are the world's best cooler under any circumstance. The extreme design and construction to fit in a truck or ATV, you assured to have a lifetime of extreme performance. No other cooler is as durable or as strong as a Yeti cooler. Stop by this official Yeti dealer in Avon Park, Florida to view our selection of Yeti coolers or give us a call at (863) 453-3333.

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